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Koʻokoʻolau Sticker

Koʻokoʻolau Sticker

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The sticker is vinyl waterproof long lasting sticker about 4 inches.

Kōʻokoʻolau is an endemic flower in Hawaiʻi part of the Bidens family. It has to be very common among the islands and used mostly for tea. Because of cattle and invasive species that hasn’t been the case for a long time. However people are working very hard to bring Kōʻokoʻolau back to people’s gardens and the wild. 💛


This sticker is was created because I have a small Koʻokoʻolau plant and I was taking pictures when my son was reaching out for the flowers. I love that I can teach my kids about native plants as I learn about them too! 

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