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"Go Grandmas House"

"Go Grandmas House"

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This is a really special piece for me because my husband asked me to paint this scene. He has never done that before. He was realizing how much he loved ti leaf, especially red ti leaf and he realized it was because of his grandma. His grandma had a house in Kailua with a white fence lined with red and green ti leaf. She lived there when he was a little boy. So I painted "Go Grandmas House" from the perspective of a little boy at his grandmas house. I have found that our love and importance of place is immeasurable especially when it reminds us of our loved ones.

We will be keeping this original but the prints can be offered at 5x7 and 8x10 matted or not matted. Starting at $30.

If you would like a larger size feel free to reach out it can be done. 

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