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When Your Hobby Becomes your Career Do You Need a New Hobby?

Have you heard the saying that "If you turn your passion into your job it becomes just that, work." ?

I heard that a lot growing up. Not from family members or close friends I don't think. I think I mostly heard it from teachers, coaches or strangers. I never cared for that saying. Although I always wondered at it because it made sense to a degree. But I always wondered if it was true?

Now before I argue my opinion I want to disclose that I don't believe there is one answer to either the question I first asked or if the saying is always true. I think these are one of those cases where there isn't one right answer.

When I turned art from hobby to a career I didn't believe I would see art the same way I begrudgingly viewed my previous jobs. And yet I knew I was facing my fears that this could possibly derail my love for art.

Thank fully I want to say I have not had one moment where I felt regret at my career choice or stress or distaste for needing to clock into the studio.

In fact I still if not more so enjoy art and my business more every day. I think the phrase is a lie that keeps us from pursuing our dreams. What if our dreams and passions fall short of expectations? Well at least we tried.

My real struggle now is realizing that I love my job and because of that I also wonder when I am painting on Sunday afternoon do I need to define what I am doing as work or hobby? Before I start a painting do I need to decide if this is for me or for the world? Is this piece for personal enjoyment alone or for sale? For practice? For growth in creativity ? For content? For a greeting card or sticker? Or do I just paint and decide after?

Well I am not sure. And that's okay. Right now all of those are true sometimes. My collection of pieces that I never share is growing and that is pleasing me so much. Pieces I loved creating even had intention of adding to a collection that was for sale or turning into a project that was for sale. But missing the mark on a standard or style I was going for, I still love the piece. But don't think it will do well on the market. To be picky with what art I put out into the world and that not every piece needs to be for sale is a valuable lesson I've learned.

But if I am painting on a Sunday afternoon am I working or intentionally spending some self care time on myself? That answer may never be the same. It requires only deep self reflection in the moment to truly know that answer. But I will tell you I love to paint and draw and create. Is it still my hobby? I think so. I think it is both my hobby and my career.

And the beautiful thing is I think by allowing a beloved hobby to become a career I feel like it has also become a gate keeper to me having more hobbies and enjoyment from life.

I have fallen in love with nature again and hikes and forests because they inspire my paintings and my painting inspire me to hike. It's a beautiful cycle of growth and love. Choosing art as my career has only added to my life. It hasn't taken anything away.

What do you think? Do you think changing a passion or hobby into a career is a good or bad idea?! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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