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Welcome to Kaleilehua Designs

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I wanted to introduce myself and share what being a stay at home mom, wife, and new artists entrepreneur is like. Here’s a place to share the struggles and journeys of a soloprenuer wife and mom.

So to start off..Hi, my name is Kalei I am the artists and founder and CEO of Kaleilehua Designs LLC., the marketing manager, the Social Media manager, the publicist, the artist, the storyteller, the shipping manager.. and whatever else the business needs. Yep you might have guessed it I am a soloprenuer. But don’t get me wrong I get loads of help from my amazing husband who already works full time. I am also a full time stay at home mom to the most joyful kids. At the time of writing this a 2 year old and a 7 month old.

Here’s the quickest introduction on my story that I can do.

I have been an artist I wanna say my whole life. Although I never felt comfortable with that as a title. I went to school to be a speech pathologist. Tried and tried and tried again to get accepted into a grad school with no avail. My husband and I moved back home to Big island, Hawaii. My dad got sick, I got pregnant. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter. My dad passed away.. We started to grieve. Art became a form of therapy. Grieving my dad reminded me of how brave he was. He believed he could do anything. The dad that I knew always could do anything but I learned that he had to start somewhere just like me. So I decided I was gonna be brave too. I started.. and I kept going. And now I just keep going.

My first art collection was in honor of my dad. That gave me the strength to move forward in this dream I’ve always had.

I started blogging much earlier in this journey but I stoped because I felt it was pointless for me to do more than a personal journal.

However as I keep pushing and searching for harmony in life I started to slowly form a thought . I have value in my story.

I am a stay at home mom with my own exciting art business baby with the sweetest husband that I want to always prioritize and spend time with. I’m not alone on this path with a life so full. I definitely have full hands and a full heart. But it’s difficult as well!

I know there are many moms that are working and trying to make it all work supporting family and be a good and present mom. There are many moms that are stay at home moms trying to feel like a person and be a good and present mom again many soloprenuers trying to succeed and not feel completely alone, many people in general facing similar things as me and many in the same place exactly.. stay at home mom soloprenuer.

Wow that’s a lot! What a job description.

I know that journaling has helped me to gain reflection and perspective. So why blog instead of just sticking to the private journal? Well I realized too there is value in what I am doing with my life and value in my decisions and what I am learning.

I am constantly trying to learn and practice how to pursue my dreams and goals. Both the big ones and little ones.. the ones regarding being a great or good person, great and good wife and mom and the ones regarding making my still very new business succeed.

I read things and listen to so many podcasts about all the different things. I’m not sure if you are like that too. Maybe some things I write about can inspire or educate you. Maybe the things I am going through you are also going through them.. or you’ve already been there.

Being a stay at home mom can be lonely. Being a soloprenuer can be lonely. My hope is that this blog will help others like me feel not so alone. There’s a lot more of us out there now, people off the beaten career path, ever since the pandemic.

I’m hoping we can learn from each other, grow a community where we can encourage each other!

If that’s what you’re interested in than follow along. If you’re half interested and might want to read one or two blogs whenever that’s of course fine too!

If you’re my mom or aunty, cousin, sister or friend who just want to support me don’t worry at all about feeling obligated to follow this blog! Of course I’d love for you to stick around. But there is no pressure! I am blogging just as much for myself as for anyone who wants to grow and learn and pursue their dreams of finding harmony and success in life. So if you’re here, welcome!

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