How to center art in a picture frame

How to center art in a picture frame

Maybe the hardest part about framing art is centering it! So I wanted to share my favorite tool for centered art in a frame!

I think to start it is important to note that framing requires patience! It is really so important to go into it with that mindset. It’s gonna take a little longer than you feel like it should. And then if it’s faster, celebrate! But if you’re frustrated that it is taking longer than you thought, mistakes are more likely to happen.


But then that leads us to this Fiskars Sewing Ruler. I’m pretty positive that’s what it’s called. And not this is not a sponsored ad. I would love to sponsor them though so Fiskar ruler creators please feel free to reach out! (:


Anyway it’s not too pricey, in fact I think its very reasonable at most places. I believe it's about $10. Mine was passed down but I’ve seen them at Walmart.

It’s a great tool because the ruler works both vertically and horizontally so even though a regular ruler would work good enough. This makes it so much simpler for me.



- when framing you are typically taping your photo or art down to a mat if you’re using a matted frame.

People use scotch tape, painters tape, washi tape, I’ve even seen people use athletic tape. I use washi.

You want to make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t move when you turn the paper over to go in the frame and while you secure the backing.

With this ruler you can play around with making sure your new art piece is centered both vertically and horizontally. It really has been a game changer for me.

When you can see that it is horizontally and vertically centered you can start taping! Then when it is secure you can flip to over and double check with your own eye how it looks. If you do need to remove tape remember to always remove at a 45 degree angle so to not rip any paper or mat.

I hope this helps save you some time framing your favorite art pieces! framed art really makes such a different in your homes interior design style! Once I started framing my watercolors with this trick it has made it so easy I can now just be obsessed with choosing the right frame to each art piece and enjoying the process instead of dreading it!


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