Artist burnout, rejection, imposture syndrome and how to cope

Artist burnout, rejection, imposture syndrome and how to cope

I’ve been down on myself lately

The first 5 or so months of the year have been packed full of custom commissions and really cool work projects and the Merrie Monarch market and things like that on top of my already pretty full schedule of a full time stay at home mom and wife. And I was riding a high. But I started to feel like I was getting burnt out. I was staying up late regularly and waking up early but my schedule was never the same.

So when the summer lull came which I knew it would, I welcomed it.

I started lists of things I wanted to get done because I knew this was the time.

Then something switched as July turned to August a few things happened happened or I tried to get to happen but they all ended in a flop, more accurately the rejection that everyone talks about. The customer not happy with the quote. The fellowship and the market application coming back saying “sorry..”

it was just a lot on top of quite a few personal things I was already going through.

But I started to feel imposture syndrome and doubt myself. I really struggled and honestly am still struggling to some degree knowing my worth and mostly trusting myself.

So as I was trying to fight burnout I ended up feeling even less motivated.

I tried to fight it and push through.

But ultimately this past week or so I felt like a failure. I could have painted more. I could have pushed myself through. But ultimately I pushed enough while mostly giving myself a much needed break. I have to know that and believe it. I needed that time.


There are a few things that helped me through this time I’d love to share them!


  1. Spend time with God

  2. Spend time with myself

  3. Spend time with my loved ones

  4. Paint small scale, one subject kind of paintings.. not the big image paintings

  5. Ugly sketch

  6. Paint for myself not to sell

  7. Get some sleep

  8. Eat some healthy nourishing food

  9. Hang out with friends (or strangers if lacking time with friends)

  10. Keep a running list of accomplishments, positive reviews, small comments that meant the world.

  11. Dig deeper into my “why”

  12. Decide if I need to pivot my business or my approach, my marketing, or my products. Are there opportunities I haven’t thought of? Collabs?

  13. Give yourself grace and rest. Believe things will pick back up.


Not only did these things help me through this time I am believing if I do these things as a regular habit it will prevent me from feeling so low especially when things slow down or rejection from a client or whomever appears.

If you are reading this and feeling the way I felt. I am sending you a big hug and reminder that you are incredible! Starting your own business or putting yourself out there in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable is not for the faint of heart. This path has its struggles and challenges like any path. You are not alone in it! Even if you feel like you are. These feelings are so normal for artists and or business owners.

You are a beautiful and brave soul for sharing yourself with us!

Thank you

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